FEL Meeting 2006

New Scientific Opportunities
with VUV and Soft X-ray Free Electron Lasers

(October 18-19)

The SRC is developing a design for an FEL light source, which will be proposed as a new multidisciplinary, international User facility sited at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The linac driven FEL source will produce fully coherent, very short photon pulses covering the VUV and soft x-ray range from 10 eV to 1keV. A transfer limited FEL light source of this type does not exist in the US, and its availability would open up a broad range of new research opportunities, including time resolved spectroscopies. The workshop will bring together researchers to share their views on how the availability of such a light source could revolutionize the study of elementary processes in the Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science.