Click here for links to the current abstract submissions for the 2013 Users' Meeting.

Call for Abstracts

Speakers and SRC users attending: Please prepare abstracts of your work performed at SRC during the past year. Users' abstracts will also be used as a basis for selecting some presentations for the agenda.  All contributors are also encouraged to prepare a poster for presentation during the poster session. Abstracts will be published in the 2013 Users' Meeting Program.  Abstract submission deadline August 15, 2013.

Submitting your Abstract

Please submit your abstract by clicking here to upload it to the SRC server. A confirmation notice will be sent to you upon receipt of the abstract.



The preferred file format for an abstract is a Word document, with the following parameters:


  • 1-inch page margins
  • single-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font unless otherwise noted
  • title bold and centered in 14-point type
  • double space after the title
  • author line(s) centered with the name of the author who would present the talk or poster underlined
  • double-space after the authors
  • institution line(s) centered and italicized
  • triple-space before the abstract.


When submitting your abstract, please identify yourself in the file name.

A sample abstract is available in PDF format and Microsoft Word format to use as a guideline. A meeting booklet with all abstracts will be produced, so please keep to the requested format.