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  • Quantum Dots: SRC Staff Achievements and News

    Staff Education

    Several SRC researchers received degrees recently. Those due for congratulations:


    • Nathan Edwards: M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering; "Upgrade of CXrL's Two-State Alignment System"
    • Avijit Ray-Chaudiri: Ph.D. in Materials Science; "Development of a Scanning Photoemission Microscope Based on Multilayer Optics and Its Initial Application to GaAs (110) Surface Studies"
    • Ted Liang: Ph.D. in Materials Science; "MAXIMUM: Recent Implementation and Application to the Study of Corrosion Induced Microstructures in Thin Films of Al-Cu-Si Metallization"
    • Waiman Ng: Ph.D. in Materials Science; "Development of a Photoemission Microscope: MAXIMUM and Its Applications to Semiconductor Interfaces".

    APS Conference

    The March meeting of the American Physical Society will include many SRC researchers. Those speaking at the meeting include:
    • Gerald LaPeyre of Montana State University on "Surface Atomic Structure via Holographic Inversion"
    • Max LaGally of UW-Madison on "Adler Lectureship Award Series"
    • Juan Carlos Campusano of University of Illinois-Chicago on "Van Hove Singularities in HTSC"
    • Brian Tonner of SRC on "Itinerant Magnetism"
    Those chairing sessions include:
    • Peter Dowben of Nebraska University on "Metal/Nonmetal Transitions in Ultra Thin Films
    • T.C. Chiang of the University of Illinois on "STM of Metal Surfaces"
    • Marshall O'Nellion of UW-Madison on "HTSC; Photoemission and Fermi Surface"
    • Brian Tonner of SRC on "Holography and Xray Photoelectron Diffraction"
    • Max LaGally of UW-Madison on "Germanium-Silicon Roughening and Strain".

    SRC Visitors

    Several students from Germany are studying at the SRC, working toward a diploma in Engineering for Technical Physics. Peter Bulicke, Andre Hagestedt and Bernhard Huckelmann will take their knowledge back to the Fachhochschule in Ostfriesland, Emden.

    Moving On

    Gail Movrich and Ginger Schmidt have both resigned from the Purchasing Department. Gail has taken a position with University Housing and Ginger is joining the Nutritional Sciences Clinic. Best of luck to both of them!