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  • ...Degrees Received. SRC researchers due for congratulations:


    Jiandi Zhang--Ph.D. in Physics. "Core-exciton Decay in Photoemission and the Nonmetal-Metal Transition." University of Nebraska, Professor Peter Dowben, advisor.

    Jiandi Zhang was also recognized by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society-University of Nebraska Chapter, with an Outstanding Graduate Student Award.


    Sean Frigo--Ph.D. in Physics. "The Physical Aspects of Halosilane Soft X-ray Surface Photochemistry." University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Richard Rosenberg and Professor David Huber, advisors.

    Huasheng Wu--Ph.D. in Physics. "Direct Determination of Absorbate Positions with Energy-Dependent Angle-Resolved Photoemission." Montana State University, Professor G.J. Lapeyre, advisor.

    Huasheng Wu was also recently honored with a Graduate Research Award for 1994 from the American Vacuum Society. The award consists of a $1000 cash prize, a certificate and reimbursed travel expenses to attend the AVS National Symposium in Denver, Colorado.

    ...Moving On

    Kathy Nelson has left the SRC Secretarial Office. She took a new position within UW Hospital and Clinics-Respiratory Care, Regional Services. Best of luck to her.