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  • Welcome to the Electronic Newsletter of the SRC

    - No.2, February 1996

    This series has been created to provide a monthly update on new developments at the Synchotron Radiation Center.

    1) NSF Funding Approved

    On Friday, February 23, the National Science Board unanimously approved funding for SRC at the recommended level of $3.8M/yr. The new award is scheduled to begin on April 1 of this year and will extend to March 31, 2001.

    2) Biology finds a home at SRC

    The Aladdin synchotron light source has a new application in the field of biophysics and fluorescence spectroscopy. Catherine Royer of the school of pharmacy and her students, will be using the new Aladdin Biofluorescence Center (ABC) beamline to characterize the structure, dynamics and energetics of biomolecular complexes. The other PRT members are Enrico Gratton and Bill Mantulin of the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, who are also ready to start their program soon in utilizing ABC.

    Due to the extensive number of frequencies available at SRC, Royer and her colleagues will be able to utilize many different fluorescent probes with lifetimes, ranging from 50ps to 500ns, in order to study the configurations of biomolecules. These studies will shed light on the underlying physical mechanisms of the control of cell growth and cell development. For details contact Catherine Royer at

    3) New grating gives HERMON a second chance!

    During the last few weeks a newly ruled variable line spaced (VLS) grating from HYPERFINE Inc. in Boulder, Colorado was mounted in the HERMON grating chamber. The grating replaced an older test grating which was used to initially evaluate the beamline performance. While the older test gratings allowed SRC to demonstrate the high energy resolution intrinsic to the HERMON design, the beamline had severe flux problems. Various test experiments conducted during the last year pointed toward the grating as the main culprit hampering the intensity at the HERMON beamline. First test measurements performed by Mark Bissen, the official SRC-Optics group care taker of HERMON, proved our conclusions to be right. The new grating revitalized HERMON with flux close to the theoretical prediction.

    4) Edge radiation sheds light on the infrared microspectroscopy beamline

    In the infrared spectral range, edge radiation is at least a factor of four brighter than bending magnet radiation. These findings, as reported in the January edition of this newsletter, are the work of Tim May, Dmitri Mossessian and Bob Bosch. Based on these results, SRC will be installing a new bending magnet tank at magnet 3 on March 4. This installation will make it possible to use edge radiation as a source for the infrared microspectroscopy beamline.

    5) New information on the SRC homepage! There is new information and updated postings on the following links of the SRC homepage:

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