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    November/December/January 1999/2000

    1. SRC RENEWAL PROPOSAL READY FOR COMMENTS A draft version of the SRC renewal proposal is nearly completed.A draft will be sent to the Users Advisory Committee on Jan. 15. After those comments are received a revised draft will go to the Outside Review Committee on Feb. 15. Users interested in making suggestions are welcomed to comment on the draft versions. Pam Layton has a hardcopy on display in her office.


    2. OPTIONS FOR LOWERING THE EMITTANCE OF ALADDIN Studies are underway to demonstrate the feasibility of lowered emittance at Aladdin. Theoretical investigations by the accelerator group indicate that Aladdin can be tuned to a significantly lower emittance without changing the ring magnets. Four progressively more aggressive lattices were developed with horizontal and vertical source sizes of 25-67% of the existing values and emittances as low as 6% of nominal. First experiments with intermediate tunings showed a 50% reduction in horizontal source size and a 30% reduction in vertical source size. The observed lifetime fell to 35-50%  of normal, but compensation of known symmetry-breaking focusing errors should counter this high-density effect. The necessary corrections would require a modest upgrade of the quadrupole-magnet power supplies. Current work is directed at establishing a robust operational configuration at lowered emittance while pursuing a better understanding of lifetime and stability phenomena. 


    3. DATE FOR THE NEXT USERS MEETING OCT. 27/28 After coordinating with other synchrotron light sources and avoiding a variety of conflicts (including the Dairy Expo in Madison) the following tentative date was chosen for the 2000 SRC Users Meeting and Workshop: Fri., Oct. 27 and Sat., Oct. 28, 2000. Please let Franz Himpsel ( ) know of any conflict we may have overlooked. The area of atomic/molecular spectroscopy is being considered as the topic for this year's workshop. Other suggestions are welcomed. 


    4. BEAM TIME PROPOSALS DUE FEB. 1, 2000 The next date for beam time proposals is Feb. 1. An announcement has gone out to the principal investigators which includes a list of active proposals together with their duration. The new options for proposal submissions (every 6 months, with a duration of up to 18 months) have converted the annual beamtime schedule into a more continuous operation  where the list of active proposals is updated every six months. For further information see the SRC web page ( ) or contact Pam Layton


    5. CONGRATULATIONS TO SRC RESEARCHERS Carol Hirschmugl (UW-Milwaukee) received a CAREER award from the NSF. During the tenure of this award she plans to run a course on infrared spectromicroscopy that will bring students to the SRC for hands-on experiments.