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  • Spring 2008 Aladdin Newsletter No. 43

    Synchrotron Radiation Center

    Posted 02-12-2008

    In this issue:

    1. FEL Proposal Submitted
    2. Partnership with Xavier University Established
    3. Cliff Olson Retirement
    4. SRC Website Undergoes Redesign
    5. Open House Set for May 4, 2008
    6. Research Experience for Undergraduates Application Deadline
    7. New Administrative Support Staff: Katherine Weidner

    1. WiFEL (Wisconsin Free Electron Laser) Proposal Submitted

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison, in collaboration with MIT, is exploring the feasibility and design of a next generation light source and the broad range of science and technology that it would support. The concept, called WiFEL or the Wisconsin Free Electron laser, is expected to enable new science through ultrahigh resolution in the time and frequency domains, as well as coherent imaging and nano-fabrication. These powerful, laser-like beams will make the kind of contribution to our understanding of dynamical responses that the current generation of synchrotrons has made to our understanding of static atomic and electronic structures. A research and development proposal that establishes the scientific basis and need for such a facility was submitted to the National Science Foundation in November. To learn more about the project and see a copy of the proposal, visit:

    2. SRC and Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) form Partnership

    SRC together with the UW-Madison Chemistry and Nanotechnology Research Experiences for Undergraduate programs have entered into an agreement with XULA to bring undergraduate students from XULA, a historically black university, to Madison to participate in summer research programs. This partnership will enable promising young students to work at a research facility and participate in hands-on research experiences. In addition to the student connection, SRC is discussing a potential user relationship with a XULA faculty member.

    3. Cliff Olson Retirement

    SRC would like to extend best wishes for a happy retirement and a big 'thank you' to Cliff Olson who retired last fall. Cliff has been a part of the SRC scene since the mid-1970s and has contributed greatly to the success of SRC over the years. He never hesitated to help when asked and often volunteered to assist with facility projects. He served as the spokesman for the User community on many occasions; sitting on local committees and serving on review panels. He often took time from his own busy schedule to assist staff and other users both professionally and personally. He never hesitated to share his experience and expertise in synchrotron light, whether it was helping an administrator trying to understand Washington politics or a new graduate student looking for a mentor. His ability to tell a good story enlivened many a User Meeting dinner. For all of this and more, Cliff deserves generous thanks and will be forever a friend of SRC. Best of luck for a happy and relaxing retirement Cliff, we hope you will keep in touch.

    4. SRC Website Undergoes Redesign

    The SRC website had a complete overhaul more than two years ago. In response to feedback since then and to improve navigability, the site has now undergone a minor redesign. The improved site was launched recently and seeks to make it much easier for users, staff, and others to get to desired information about such things as beamtime proposals and schedules, requesting beamtime, etc. Several important offerings on the site are now available via only one click from the SRC home page, although a new "User Support" portal also exists which offers the various categories of information available. Please explore the new site and contact the SRC Webmaster with any feedback.

    Publications by SRC Users and Staff are now available through an online database called RefWorks. This online database archive service allows you search, organize, and, in some cases, download journal manuscripts published by SRC users and staff. The RefWorks service is currently only available for publications from 2005 to the present, although a catalog of publications dating back further is still available. You can access the publication database directly at As always, it is extremely critical that SRC catalog any publication that resulted due to work done at SRC, either in part or exclusively. This is important for illustrating the range of work done at SRC, the work done by graduate students and post-graduate researchers, and also to allow the SRC research community to benefit from learning about other researchers' accomplishments. To alert SRC about an upcoming, current, or recently published article, please contact the SRC Administration.

    5. SRC Open House Set for Sunday, May 4, 2008 from noon to 5:00 p.m.

    Every 18 months the SRC opens its doors to the public with an open house. In the past, hundreds of visitors have learned about the basics of light sources, toured the Aladdin vault, heard from engineers and researchers about their work done at SRC, and enjoyed being able to get up-close with a national facility and learning about its larger purpose. This year the Open House will take place on Sunday, May 4. Please contact Chris Moore, SRC's Education and Outreach coordinator, if you are interested in taking part in the Open House. Volunteers are always needed.

    6. SRC Research Experience for Undergraduates (SRC-REU) Deadline: February 15

    The SRC-REU program is accepting applications from students for the summer of 2008. In its seventh year, SRC has now worked with 24 students from around the country, many who are now in graduate school or in the workforce. Mentors, graduate students, SRC staff, and other scientists work to help guide students in a science research project. Completion of the project includes writing a research paper and giving a presentation. The program also includes seminars, social events, field trips, and other learning experiences. To learn more about the program or to forward information to a prospective student to apply, see

    7. New Administrative Support Staff: Katherine Weidner

    The SRC welcomes Katherine Weidner as the new administrative office manager. Katherine will work with SRC management to ensure that the current and future administrative needs of the facility are met. Please stop in and welcome Katherine to SRC.


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