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    Andres Santander-Syro, Université Paris-Sud

    About the Research:

    "My general interest is the physics of strongly interacting electrons in solid state systems. Most of them are transition-metal oxides. From a fundamental point of view, such systems are a challenge, as they cannot be explained by the conventional theory of electrons in solids that works so well for common metals and semiconductors. From an applied point of view, those systems are rich in physical phenomena, like high temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, high electric thermopower, that have enormous potential uses. I study these materials to try to understand the microscopic basis of their macroscopic behavior. For that, I use photoemission spectroscopy at the PGM beamline in SRC. This experimental technique allows to probe the microscopic states of the electrons in a solid. With that information, one can expect to understand the properties of the material, and perhaps use that knowledge to design novel materials with desired properties."

    For more information about Andres and his research group, visit: