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    Peter Cook, UW Madison

    About the Research:

    "I am studying the electronic structure of metal phthalocyanines (which are dyes) and Cytochrome C (which is important to electron transfer in hearts). The VLS-PGM beamline (at the SRC) provides a tunable x-ray source from 70-2000eV which allows me to look at the Carbon and Nitrogen 1s edges and the L edge of the transition metals in the phthalocyanines. The phthalocyanines are good absorbers of visible light, and Cytochrome C is important in electron transfer, so both are good substances to study in the effort to improve solar cells."

    About the Researcher:

    Originally from Alaska, Peter looks around at the glacier-flattened terrain of the Madison area and reminisces about using mountains as compasses. And while many midwesterners may balk at the idea of even less daylight in winter, Peter is quick to point out the long, serene hours of twilight that mean Alaska winter to him. Links: Peter is a member of Franz Himpsel's group at UW Madison, whose work is summarized at his website.