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    Ming-Tie Huang, Saginaw Valley State University

    About the Research:

    "As electron correlation is still one of the unsolved fundamental problems in physics, we would like to study this effect as a function of different initial state configurations of Li atoms. Specifically, we will measure Li even parity resonances using synchrotron radiation on laser excited Li (1s2 2p), and the dependence of those resonances on the different polarization of laser beam. We will also study the continuum process involving the direct double photoionization of the laser excited Li. The photon energy at SRC is perfect for my experiment. Also the staff here are really friendly and helpful."

    Other research interests include:
    -Collisions between highly charged ions and laser excited Rydberg atoms.
    -Multiple photoionization or excitations on alkali atoms with synchrotron radiation.
    -Electron impact ionizations of ultra-cold atoms in a Magneto-Optical Trap.