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    Amit Kanigel, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology
    Energy Scale and Gaps in the High Temperature Superconductors

    About the Research:

    We are working mainly in the field of High Temperature Superconductivity and materials that have a huge technological potential. Room temperature superconductivity will change completely the electricity and electronics industries, creating a revolution that can be compared to the semi-conductors revolution of the 1960s. We are studying the electronic structure of these fascinating materials and mainly the superconducting gap. We hope that a better understanding of the details of gap and its evolution with temperature and doping will lead, in the future, to better materials with higher transition temperatures.

    Our main tool is Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES). We are making the samples and perform some ARPES experiments in our lab at the Technion, but we need the synchrotron light and SRC's ARPES end-station to complete our measurements. The SRC is a very friendly facility, we enjoy coming here for experiments, and we hope to be able to do experiments here for many years more.