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    Due to uncertainties in funding, the RET program has been cancelled.


    About the RET Program | FAQ | 2011 Projects


    About the RET Program

    The University of Wisconsin's Synchrotron Radiation Center, near Madison, WI, will host two local-area high school science instructors during the summer of 2011.  The two selected instructors will work together on closely related projects under the direct tutelage of research scientists and SRC staff, using the synchrotron as an intense source of IR and UV radiation.  The goal of the program is to provide an in-depth and intense experience for high school instructors who desire to delve into cutting edge research with the intention of enhancing their content knowledge and bringing a touch of real research into their own classrooms. Funding support is provided by the National Science Foundation.



    Program dates: 20 Jun 2011 – 29 Jul 2011



    Click here to access RET Application Form. Deadline to apply to the program is 15 Feb 2011.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance no later than 26 Mar 2011.

    Projects for 2011:

    Available is a list of project descriptions for the summer of 2011.


    A stipend of $8,000 is provided for the completion of the program;  $7,000 for completion of the six-week research experience and $1000 for the incorporation of the experience into the classroom and presentation at a professional conference.

    Classroom support:

    SRC provides additional classroom support in the form of an equipment loan program. 

    Graduate credit:

    Three graduate credits from the University of Wisconsin are included in the program at no cost to the participating teachers. 

    Conference reimbursement:

    Presentation at a State-level professional conference and one-year membership in the associated professional organization (up to $500) is provided to teachers successfully completing the six-week research experience.

    Housing and transportation:

    Limited funding for housing at the Bob Green Guest House may be available. 


    More questions? Check out our FAQ page.

    For more information or questions don't hesitate to contact us.

    Rick Cole
    SRC-RET Program Coordinator
    (608) 877-2137

    Chris Moore
    SRC Education and Outreach Coordinator
    (608) 877-2137

    SRC Central Office
    (608) 877-2000

    Synchrotron Radiation Center
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    3731 Schneider Drive
    Stoughton, WI 53589