Danís Land Stewardship Site

Updated October25, 2009

Welcome. . . I and my Family of Friends believe that it is critical that we honor the Earth, its Land and Animals and fellow Humans through appropriate Action and Respect.

Below you will find information and photos grouped by type of activity from many outdoor adventures, environmental projects and work projects.†All of these projects would not be possible without contributions of time, funds, materials, patience and moral support from friends and volunteers. The cooperation and support of the Wisconsin DNR, the Wisconsin Nature Conservancy, the Ottawa National Forest, The Friends of Sylvania wilderness, the Dane County Parks Department, Wayne Pauly, and the Dane County Environmental Council also help make these projects a reality.

The images below show the significant accomplishments of a dedicated group of volunteers. You will need a good and fast connection since the images are not compressed. Feel free to copy photos but please credit the source when appropriate. You will find that picture viewing is better ( for PC users ) if you push "F11" now in the Keyboard Function keys to get a larger picture screen. To return to a normal screen hit "F11" again. You will also get the best display if your viewing window is as wide as reasonable. To move forward and backwards you can click on the buttons on the screen or you can use the easier right and left arrows on your keyboard. Most recent photos are at the end. To navigate the photo gallery efficiently use the thumbnails to get to the desired time period.

This web-site is intended for social and environmental education and is not intended to represent the interests of any specific organization, group or political party. There is a lot of important restoration work to be done to help the land heal after years of neglect. We work on trail and restoration projects year round and on most weekends.  Our group accomplishes a lot, has fun and is a friendly community. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to volunteer to help please call me at 608 / 835 - 5144 and leave your name and e-address. Thanks for your interest and volunteer contributions.

I hope you enjoy the images of the land and volunteers that follow.

Brooklyn State Wildlife Area

Invasive Plants -
( Garlic Mustard, Hedge Parsley, etc)

Blaser 16 Acre Prairie

Friends of Brooklyn -
REI Landscape Cleanup

Scouting Projects


Montrose Rail Prairie Restore

Sylvania - Catherine Wolter

MLK Ski Trip

2007 PEOPLE Class

Fire Classes

Controlled Burns

Sleeper Lake Wildfire

Controlled Burn Fire Trucks