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  •  The SRC Beam Time Application Process

    How it Works: Twice a year, in January and July, SRC solicits proposals for beam time through a “Call for Proposals” announcement. Instructions and forms to apply for beam time are available for UV/X-ray or IR/IRENI Users. In addition, rapid requests are accepted at any time from anyone for beam time that has not been allocated. All Users need to pay a materials and supply fee following the fee structure as outlined in the Call for Proposals.

    Note: Starting on December 1, 2013, the user fees schedule will be as follows:

    Tier 1: $2700/week
    Tier 2: $2100/week
    Tier 3: $1500/week

    Getting started: Please click on the UV/X-ray or IR/IRENI links below and read the instructions carefully in order to understand fully the steps both for getting beam time and what is required after receiving beam time.

    Questions? If you have questions, please get in touch with the beam time application coordinator, Director Joe Bisognano at or 608-877-2163 or the SRC Main Office at 608-877-2000. Questions about experiment forms or chemical/sample safety should contact Safety Coordinator, Ken Jacobs, at, or call, 608-877-2142.

    Part I: Applying for UV/X-Ray Beam Time

    • The first step is to complete the application proposal form as specifically as possible.  Any information left out may later jeopardize your allocated beam time. The proposal form is available in both [PDF] and [Word] formats and can be returned via e-mail. If any changes must be made once the proposal has been submitted, please contact Director Joe Bisognano, the beam time application coordinator, as soon as possible.

    Arrow pointing downward to the next step

    • Next, principal investigators are notified if their proposal was accepted or denied, and a beam time schedule is created for each 6-month period. Note that UV/X-ray Users typically receive up to 3 weeks of beam time at a time.

    Arrow pointing downward to the next step

    • Alternatively, Researchers can also submit what is known as a "UV/X-ray Rapid Request Form (RRF)" at any time in order to request beam time from 1 - 3 weeks at a beamline that has not been allocated. See the Beam Time Schedule to assess the availability of beam time. Users without an active proposal will have to pay following the fee structure.



    Part II: Required After Receiving Beam Time
    These requirements must be satisfied. Not fulfilling these requirements may result in loss of beam time.

    • Purchase Order: Before you arrive at SRC for your beam time, a purchase order for the materials and supplies fee must be submitted to the SRC administration office. Please contact the office at or 1-608-877-2000 for details.

    • Experiment Form: Once your proposal is accepted this form must be submitted no later than one month prior to each scheduled visit. The Experiment Form asks you to provide the names and e-mail of everyone that will be participating in your experiment at the SRC, list any samples or chemicals you will be using, provide a list of equipment and, finally, describe your methods for handling and disposing of samples and chemicals. This form can be found [online] or as a [PDF]. (Note: if you are filling out a Rapid Request application, the Experiment Form is included).

    • Chemical Safety: Contact the safety officer to make usage and storage arrangements for your chemicals. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each chemical used in your experiment must also be provided. Please contact Ken Jacobs, at, or call, 608-877-2142.

    • Radiation Safety Training Course: All personnel who will be coming to the SRC to participate in any experiments or to work in the Aladdin vault must complete the online Radiation Safety Course and submit the exam prior to their entering the Aladdin vault.

    • Safety Orientation: Upon arriving at SRC, you will be required to take part in a safety orientation in person. Please contact the Safety Officer for details.