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  • Bioscience at the Synchrotron Radiation Center

    [Shortcut to the IRENI Slideshow]

    In 2006, The NAS [1] published grand challenges for the 21st century, one of which is Chemical Imaging. The Visualizing Chemistry: The Progress and Promise of Advanced Chemical Imaging document stated that:

    "improvements in chemical imaging techniques … could enable fundamental breakthroughs in our basic understanding of molecular structure and advance our ability to solve critical science and technology problems."

    In response to this challenge Professor Carol Hirschmugl and SRC staff, with funding from NSF, developed the InfraRed ENvironmental Imaging (IRENI) beamline allowing the dentification the Chemistry of samples at different spatial dimensions. For example, IRENI allows researchers to investigate the chemistry of biological materials at microscopic scales (30 nm - microns) or provide time resolved information of small, living biological systems.

    Other research possibilities include:


    Material Science


    Health Care



    Tissue Analysis

    Soil Sciences (bacteria)


    Food Science

    Polymer stress/degradations


    Museum artifacts/restoration


    To learn more about spatially resolved chemistry and the IRENI beamline please view the IRENI slideshow or visit the IRENI web page.




    Journal Article:
    M.Z. Kastyak-Ibrahim, M.J. Nasse, M. Rak, C. Hirschmugl, M.R. Del Bigio, B.C. Albensi, K.M. Gough, “Biochemical label-free tissue imaging with subcellular-resolution synchrotron FTIR with focal plane array detector,” NeuroImage, 60 (1), pp. 376-383 (2012).

    Applied Spectroscopy

    Journal Article:
    C.J. Hirschmugl, K.M. Gough, “Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrochemical Imaging:  Review of Design and Applications with a Focal Plane Array and Multiple Beam Synchrotron Radiation Source,” Applied Spectroscopy, 66 (5), pp. 475-491 (2012).
    Link to paper

    Nature Methods

    Journal Article:
    Michael J Nasse, Michael J Walsh, Eric C Mattson, Ruben Reininger, André Kajdacsy-Balla, Virgilia Macias, Rohit Bhargava, & Carol J Hirschmugl, "High-resolution Fourier-transform infrared chemical imaging with multiple synchrotron beams," Nature Methods, 8, 413-416 (2011)

    The author file from Nature Methods for Rohit Bhargava and Carol Hirschmugl


    To get started with research at SRC follow the links below:

    1. Contact beamline personnel to discuss the feasibility of your experiments
    2. Apply for beam time.