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  • Water Cooled Evaporator Shroud

    This evaporator shroud can accomadate up to three sources, each on a standard 2-3/4" CF flange.  The shroud for each source has a copper aperture and tantalum shutter.  To prevent unwanted deposition on items other than the sample, a retractable stencil mask is used.  This shroud is built around a standard 8 inch CF flange so it can removed from the chamber and sources can be easily exchanged on a bench.  In the configuration shown below, two sources can deposit material simultaneously to create alloys.  It is also possible to use all 3 sources in any combination if the "mini" viewport is exchanged with a third rotary feedthrough.

    For dimensional CAD drawings, click here.

    Atmosphere side of the shroud.

    Three sources installed.

    "Mini" viewport in the center of the flange.

    Vacuum side of the shroud.

    Stencil mask retracted.  This configuration gives unobstructed views of the samples from all the other ports on the prep chamber.

    Another view with the stencil mask retracted.

    Stencil mask extended in front of a sample - all shutters closed.  The slit geometry can be adjusted to the sample geometry by spot welding tantalum foil over it or replacing it with another mask.

    Stencil mask extended in front of a sample - top source open.

    Stencil mask extended in front of a sample - both bottom sources open.

    Stencil mask extended in front of a sample - one bottom sources open.