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    Resistive heating sample holder

    Evaporator shroud

    Installation on the various beamlines

    CAD Files

    CAD drawings of the chamber layouts

    CAD drawings of the cold finger parts

    CAD drawings of the evaporator shroud

    The CAD drawing files above are saved as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed click here to download it from Adobe's web site.  Also posted are 3D solid models of the top level assemblies in Autodesk DWF format.  Click on the following link to get the free AutoDesk DWF Viewer.

    Instruction Manuals

    Scienta motion and beamline control (draft)

    Sample heating instructions (draft)

    Pneumatic valve control

    Austin Scientific model 125 helium compressor

    CTI Cryogenics model 8200 helium compressor

    Granville-Phillips model 350 ion gauge controller

    Lakeshore Model 340 Temperature Controller

    Lambda GEN100-15 / GEN150-10 power supplies

    NEAT 106m stepper motor drive

    OCI IPS3-D Ion Sputtering Gun

    Omicron SPECTALEED

    Tectra MTM-10 Thickness Monitor

    Thermo Vacuum Generators RP100M rotary platform

    Varian DS102/DS202 dual stage rotary vane pumps

    Varian MicroVac ion pump controller

    Varian MidiVac ion pump controller

    Varian Sublimation pump controller

    Varian Turbo-V 70 LP pump

    Varian Turbo-V 70 Navigator controller

    Varian Turbo-V 301 Naviagtor pump

    Varian Turbo-V 141 Navigator vent valve

    Varian Multi-Gauge Controller

    VAT series 010 mini UHV gate valve

    VAT series 108 UHV gate valve

    Reference Material (Specifications, Calibration Curves, etc.)

    CTI cold finger cooling plot

    Sumitomo cold finger temerature plot (as configured for the R4000)

    kSA 12-bit analytical LEED/RHEED imaging system specifications

    OCI Vacuum Microengineering IP70 ion sputter gun specifications

    Type C Thermocouple Table from Omega Engineering, Inc.
    NIST Thermocouple Database

    Sample Holder Checkout

    Below is a link to the form users should fill out before coming to use the Scienta 200U so sample holders can be ready upon arrival (for transferable sample setup only).

    Online Sample Holder Parts Check-Out Request Form